Candace – Project Manager

Meet Candace!⁠⠀
She goes from site -> office in a heart beat. Dealing with all the in’s and outs of the project as a project manager. This is her why: ⁠⠀
“I am a project manager in commercial construction currently focusing on construction at airports for the car rental industry throughout the U.S. Growing up I never knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life but I knew two things: I wanted to be dependable on myself alone and I wanted a job that didn’t involve makeup, dresses and heels. My stepdad was a residential home builder my entire life and I was always so fascinated by buildings and the grind of the work. Once I got to college the path to a construction management degree fell into my lap by an adviser and I instantly knew it was the path for me. The daily grind of this industry is so fascinating to me. I love that there is no room for excuses, dishonesty or dissatisfaction as none of those ever lead to success of a project. I believe that many women bring a communicational, organizational structure and ability to this industry that is many times in lack there of.”

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