Keisha – Rod Women

Meet Keisha!

She’s working her a$$ off as a rod women while working on becoming a personal trainer. This is her story:

“I got into construction because a friend of mine offered me a job when I was not happy with where I was at. I love the work because its physical! I’m studying to be a personal trainer, so the training and work go hand in hand. Other parts of the job I love is the sense of accomplishment I feel after surviving a long day in the rain! No one else wants to do our job and it was rare at one point for a woman to be in the industry. To know I am part of the few that can handle the job, do it well and earn the respect of men who refuse to do the work I do, man that’s an ego boost! I have come across men who have doubted me but I left my work say everything. My advice for any ladies who are thinking of going into a trade: ask a lot of questions even if they are dumb, be engaged, pay attention, focus, find a mentor who you trust. Find your rhythm. Learn the prints, ask for old drawings and study them, go to work early to go over them with your foreman and get advice.

And most importantly, make it look effortless 😎 while looking fearless.”

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