Cassandra – Business Owner, Caulking Expert

Meet Cassandra!

Cassandra started at the bottom and worked her way up the ladder. Her hard work and talent in the niche caulking industry speaks for itself and she was able to open her own company, 007 Caulking. This is her story:

“7 years ago I went to school and took part in a program called OYAP. (Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program) I chose to do the home building program knowing I wanted to learn a trade in the construction industry. Doing so, I received a bursary to go forward in school for electrical techniques.
I received a phone call from a company asking if I would like to caulk part time around my school schedule. I soon realized that I would like to continue in this field of work. Caulking is 100% something people don’t even want to touch in the trade industry. So, being told over and over again how good of a job I did. I made it a goal that I would open up my own business one day.

6 years later, after building solid relationships with builders in the construction industry, here I am. I opened up my own company (007 Caulking) doing what I love everyday.”

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