Confidence in the Workplace – Positive Affirmations

Feeling confident in the workplace might seem impossible for some, and starting a new position can be daunting. We second guess our knowledge, and we wonder what other people think of us. We don’t want to speak up too much because what if we are wrong? But as women, there is an additional question of, what if we are right? What if we prove someone else wrong? Will people call us a “know-it-all”, a “suck up”, or even a “nasty woman”? 

Firstly, we need to remember that in being a strong, confident, and successful woman, unfortunately, there will be people who are intimidated by that. But that does not mean that you need to be any less of those things. 

True confidence in the workplace starts deep within ourselves and our mindset. It starts with letting go of those deep rooted stereotypes that we have carried with us, and heard from the day we were born. Once we can change our core narrative, it becomes a lot easier to speak loud and proud. 

Try adding some of these positive affirmations into your morning routine:

I believe in the person that I am becoming

I have the skills and knowledge to do this job

I am capable

Asking for help does not mean I am not capable 

I am a strong and passionate woman

I will not tolerate offensive speech or behaviour

It takes practice and consistency to change our internal narrative, especially when the societal narrative still offers pushback against our true narrative. Daily positive affirmations are an easy, and excellent starting point! Feel free to add onto our list to create your perfect dose of daily affirmations.

Holly K.
Editor – WIST

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