We Are the Women in Steel Toes

Women in Steel Toes (W.I.S.T.) was established in Jan. 2020 with a simple goal, to support women in the industry and inspire the next generation of construction workers. Since then, this message has echoed and grown into a community of women and men alike who are striving to grow the industry and show people how great a career in construction can be. 

W.I.S.T. is growing with three main pillars in mind:

  1. We are storytellers. We are here to share real experiences of women in the industry, good and bad. There’s no exaggeration, no sugar coating, just stories of how women are growing their careers. 
  1. We are here to inspire. There’s nothing cooler than seeing a project go from nothing to a huge something. With a variety of trades and career paths to choose from construction is a great place to be for anyone who loves a challenge. We want to get people thinking of these career paths at a younger age and let everyone know some options that they may not have otherwise known existed!
  1. We are here to support you. Have questions about the industry? Need help finding resources? Want to connect with someone in your field or potential field? Don’t hesitate to contact our team to help set you in the right direction. 

Women in Steel Toes is about more than breaking through barriers and sharing stories of women in the industry. It’s about showing women they can. We started this movement as a way to normalize seeing women in the industry and breaking down stereotypes. We quickly realized how much a need there is for change, and to get people thinking about careers in construction again. In future, we’re working towards; setting up scholarships for up and coming apprenticeships and tuitions and demonstration classes to allow high school students to explore what construction is all about.

Let’s strive to break industry barriers, to raise the 13% of women in construction, and garner an industry that breaths potential and growth for future generations. 

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.

Walt Disney

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