Who Is This Girl Anyways!?

My name is Laura,

I’m currently working for a large construction company that focuses on construction management across Canada and the US. What does construction management mean? It means that the company is responsible for the process of planning, coordinating, monitoring and controlling all aspects of a construction project. I’ve worked for two other companies in my short career and they don’t even compare to this one. I can vouch, they will work you hard but they also play hard … most people leave the second half of that out in this industry.

So what is my purpose here? I want to educate and inspire all on the very real struggle this industry still faces: diversity. It’s 2019, why and how is this still an issue? How can we better market this industry towards women? How can we build on the great foundation that already exists? I’m going to explore this reality and hopefully inspire more people to explore their career options into the thriving construction industry.

Thanks for joining me!

Laura H.

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.

Walt Disney

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